New Disney Race Announced – I’m excited

Meet Micky while you get blisters.....yay

Meet Mickey while you get blisters…..yay

Well it could be time for me to lace up my serious running trainers again – yesterday a new Disney race was announced. It’s a 10k race at Disneyland in Anaheim, California and it’s to be held Saturday August 31st 2013. So far exciting enough, but what’s got me really interested is the Dumbo Double Dare – that means running the 10km on the Saturday and then the half marathon on the Sunday. And it’s a 16 minute mile pace ( a little more than a 9 minute km) – although I love the fact that they suggest training at 15 minute miles to allow for photo stops!┬áThat sounds eminently do-able – and I get three shiny medals when I do it. I haven’t had a shiny medal for ages.

I lurve the Disney races – not least as it gives me an excuse to go to play in a theme park when I’m not running about. The Boyfriend, old grinch that he is, hates all things Disney so I’ll probably go on my own – but I’m hoping that some of my WISH buddies will be around to go on rides with me (I mean cheer me on and check my blisters). I think this one will sell out fast so I’ve got registration day pencilled into my diary – it’s January 22nd if you’re interested as well. Here’s the press release details and a handy button to click for registration information. ┬áSee you in the corrals I hope. this thing on? Talk to me, it's lonely down here


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