M&S: Comfort Food Sans (that many) Calories

Quick post today, but it’s a goodie. M&S tell me that as of today they are doing 3 for 2 offer on their Count on Us meals and 2 for £6.00 on their Fuller Longer ready meals.  Having had the chance to try a heap of the new additions to both of these ranges at their press day a while back, personally I’d say run, run now to the store and get a trolley!

Anyone else hungry?

Anyone else hungry?

Literally I was in heaven – there was a table of food that goes ping and people kept bringing out little plates of it to sample. A personal fave was the Cod Rojan Balti with an Onion Bhaji Topping, £3.99. Now I know people damn ready meals, but to be honest I was a lot thinner on the days when I lived on them than I am now we cook from scratch as my portions were smaller.

I start off really well – I’ve got a little plate and I follow that rule of half vegetables, a quarter carbs and a quarter protein – well until I am just above to turn away from the stove, and then woomph, the food devil on my shoulder says – oh go on, a couple more spoonfuls won’t hurt!!! Maybe I should just start serving everything in a little plastic tray?

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