Why I Think Ready Meals are Good For Us

Quick post today, but it’s a goodie. M&S tell me that as of today they are doing 3 for 2 offer on their Count on Us meals and 2 for £6.00 on their Fuller Longer ready meals.  Having had the chance to try a heap of the new additions to both of these ranges at their press day a while back, personally I’d say run, run now to the store and get a trolley!

Literally I was in heaven – there was an entire table of food that goes ping and people kept bringing out little plates of it for us all to sample. A personal fave was the Cod Rojan Balti with an Onion Bhaji Topping, £3.99. Now I know people damn ready meals, but to be honest I was a lot thinner on the days when I lived on them than I am now we cook from scratch as my portions were smaller.

I start off really well – I’ve got a little plate and I follow that rule of half vegetables, a quarter carbs and a quarter protein – well until I am just above to turn away from the stove, and then woomph, the food devil on my shoulder says – oh go on, a couple more spoonfuls won’t hurt!!! Maybe I should just start serving everything in a little plastic tray?


Fact is our ever increasing portion sizes are one of the main reasons why we are gaining so much weight – because we eat out more we get used to restaurant sized portions and plates are now huge which means if you add a small amount to them you don’t feel mentally as satisfied as before. There are a few ways to get your portion sizes back to normal though – have a look at the ideas below and if you like the sound of them, click on the pics and you’ll go straight to the amazon page upon which you can buy them…

The Diet Plate tells you how much to serve yourself as you dish up the food – which makes it probably the easiest method to fit into your daily life.

The 21 Day Fix is a diet plan which uses little coloured boxes to control your portion sizes. I have tried it and enjoyed it – although I admit I never blogged about it here – but it’s a bit fiddly.

If you take lunch to work, you might want to try this portion control lunchbox. Admittedly packing lunch never works for me, I eat it all by 11am!

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