It’s skincare that makes you feel young!

Considering I have a face shot full of unnatural substances, you’ll probably guess that I’m not a big one for insisting my cosmetics are all natural, but yesterday I got to play with the new uber-organic, chemical free, so healthy you could probably eat it (don’t though) skincare range from Pukka Herbs and love, love, love their exfoliating powder called Nourishing Brightener, £13.00.


It’s a mix your own exfoliator, add a dab of the powder into water, your cleanser or a face oil and rub it in as per normal to slough off the dullness. On days you want a super scrub use more powder, for gentle days use less.

Resultswise, it left my skin feeling smooth (though still dry, definitely need to moisturize afterwards), and gave it a really fresh- faced glow. But it does that through a really gentle exfoliation. Harsh exfoliation is bad for skin and may actually age the skin faster not to mention increasing risk of red veins and other nasties.

The thing I really love about the Pukka Nourishing Brightener though is mixing it up before you use it. It’s like being four and making mud pies. Hours of fun. NB: do not use anywhere near pale towels or pale flannels! That mud pie analogy, it also carries over to the mess that it makes on anything you use to clean it off with. I’ve bought black flannels specially.

Find the range at Wholefoods Market and Revital.

Update: Unfortunately, this is no longer true and Pukka has discontinued the Nourishing Brightener Product – which is a shame as it really was good fun to use. I am still a big fan of their herbal tea range though – particularly the Turmeric one which, if you believe the hype will improve skin by helping reduce inflammation that ages us faster. this thing on? Talk to me, it's lonely down here

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