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If you’re reading this from somewhere other than England, there’s something you need to know before I continue this post – the weather here sucks. Up until this Saturday it’s been cold, grey, raining – I’ve been wearing opaques in July for heaven’s sake. Since Saturday however it’s been heating up and according to the little thingy on my computer it’s currently 29 degrees.  This meant I really did not want to exercise hard today – I wanted to sit in the garden eating bits of watermelon and reading trashy novels, but my time for proper cardio this week is limited so I had to run.

Thankfully running in heat is not unknown to me – I managed to train for the Walt Disney World Goofy Challenge in the middle of a Sydney summer where it’s 27 degrees at 5am – and trust me that’s when you start running especially if you’ve got more than 10 miles to get under your belt! As a result of this I’ve got good hot weathe runningr kit – and for the first time since I moved back to England two and a bit years ago. I got it out….

First up, sunscreen. Today it was La Roche-Posay Athelios XL 50+ . This was the first time I’d used this – I prefer spray sunscreens but they are too oily for exercise and this was the first cream I came across in my sample drawer. Good choice – despite it’s mega high factorage, it doesn’t go on stupidly white and it stays put. I only had a tiny bit of into-eye-sweat-migration and while that did sting a bit, this stood up to 45 minutes of running in heat really well.

My Sydney half marathon running top and favourite shorts. As far as I’ve concerned the best reason to enter races is to get good quality wicking tops. I have a mental block about paying for running gear – if I didn’t do races I’d be running in baggy T’s and chafing from the neck down. I particularly love this top as it’s a man’s one (I must have looked particularly beefy going through the finishing chute that day) which means it’s super airy (baggy) and covers my bum. As for my shorts – I have had these shorts since I joined my first gym 15 years ago. I have run every race I’ve done in them and I wear them once a week. I can’t believe they’ve lasted this long, but they have – they aren’t even name brand running shorts, they came from Marks and Spencers! I love them because they don’t rub, they don’t move and mysteriously they make me feel thin.

Panache Sports Bra: I’m not going to photograph this. All I’m going to say is…ladies, ever had that moment after a run when you stand in the shower and all of a sudden bits under your boobs start to burn where your crop top has rubbed – you don’t get those with this.  They don’t chafe, you don’t bounce and mega bonus – you don’t dislocate your shoulder trying to get them on and off. Since I wrote this post I’ve also discovered the amazing Enlite Lululemon Sports Bra – I’m currently back in Sydney and running happily around in the heat with no chafing at all.

Fuel belt: Even though I was only planning on running about 30 minutes I figured I was going to need a drink in this heat – I hate feeling thirsty when I run not to mention the fact that it makes it feel harder. If you normally run holding  a drink bottle give one of these a try. You will never look back. They stop your arms aching, your back hunching and give you somewhere to shove your keys, phone etc.

Mismatched socks: For some reason I no longer own a pair of running socks – I own nine individual running socks. Today I chose a double lined one from Curves (double lining helps reduce risk of blisters) and also a Carnation Silver Sock – these are supposed to keep your feet cool and, because they are lined with antibacterial silver threads, also leave them odour free. I can’t say my right foot felt any cooler or more fragrant than my left while I was on the move but hey ho, it’s an angle..

Saucony Kinvara 2s: I normally run in Nikes and these Saucony’s are normally my travel trainers as they weigh just 200gm each – perfect for packing in your suitcase. But because they are light they’re also great on hot days. Oh, and despite their lightness, I pronate but I find they really support my feet even without my orthotics in them. Oh and if you’re not quite sure how you pronounce the brand name of these shoes, check out my handy guide to that – and a few more tricky fitness names.

So with all that lot on, combined with the fact that because so many of you have followed, liked or commented on this blog recently I felt I needed to up my game a bit (thanks everyone by the way) I managed to run for 45 minutes today – the longest run I’ve done for ages. Yay……..

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