Day 5: Weight Loss Challenge: Epic Fail Alert

This is a picture of a Cornish Pasty. A Cornish Pasty that is as broken as my diet was today. There is nothing else to say about today other than I blew it. Big time. Massively. Hugely. If they were giving out gold medals for ‘complete diet failing’ I’d be there, on the podium, holding my rather bloated tummy in.

I did breakfast well. I did lunch well. And then I went to meet a friend from Australia at a seaside resort called Clacton. One sniff of sea and my brain went into holiday mode. Five hours later I’d consumed my alloted daily calorie allowance in the form of lager and lime, and the part of my brain reading the calorie count on the pub menu was laughing at it as it ordered Cornish Pasty, chips and beans! Now often this is enough to make me think ‘oh blow it all, I’ll start again on Monday’ but it turned out fate was going to intervene……tune in tomorrow, for what happened (insert jaunty theme music here)


image: © EddWestmacott


  1. Claire Hoyal

    Well my day started well porridge and a walk with the dog by the sea. I was feeling really positive and focused. Then my parents turn up to take me out for lunch for my Birthday. It would have been rude to say no and not a salad on the menu. Oh but the sausage and mash washed down with a cider was scrumptious. What else am I going to be tempted with over the next week!!!!

    1. healthehelen

      See my theory is until they start putting calorie counts on all menus, salad can be a deceptive trap to fall into. We’re having sausage and mash for lunch today (with parental runner beans) – but I have dispatched The Boyfriend off to buy Quorn ones for me. Again, this is all part of the ‘new’ regime…….

  2. Karen Justice

    At least you’re attempting to do something, all I do is think about it at night when I go to bed than completely forget about it until the next night!!

    1. healthehelen

      I just get so angry that my willpower is so pathetic! Seriously I can knuckle down to run 42km (well with the help of you and Arian) but I can’t resist a pasty or pie! Though this may have changed… posting later.


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