Today my diet turned me into a hypocrite

Today, I turned into a person I normally despise. How did I do this? I ate a salad on the train. The subject of eating on public transport is a divisive one. Some believe that anyone consuming food while travelling should be thrown out of said moving vehicle, others work on the smell factor – if it rates less than say, four, on an odour scale it’s acceptable. My personal no-one is anything I can hear people chewing – that means (in no particular order) apples, gum – and salads. And today I became a locomotive lettuce muncher.

But I had no choice – the only time I was going to get to eat today was on my half hour train journey between A-B – and the only DNA Diet friendly thing at the station was a salad, so I had to do it. The salad itself was this one from the Camden Food Company. I have no idea what it was called as, at the time, I wasn’t planning on writing about it so I didn’t pay attention (and it’s not labelled and my receipt gives nothing away – it’s the most mysterious salad EVER)  – I’d chosen it because it seemed to score low on the calories – about 376 – plus, it looked pretty close to the proportions of food on my allowable food list. Tastewise, I was pleasantly surprised and it took me a good 10 minutes to much my way (as quietly as possible) through it.

If you’re stuck at a station, I wouldn’t say it was a bad choice – particularly as directly opposite it is the pasty stand that was the scene of my last diet downfall – although it’s now about 90 minutes later and I am still peckish so I think maybe it needs some more protein with it. Sadly, our cupboard is devoid of, pretty much anything, so I’m just going to have to stay that way. this thing on? Talk to me, it's lonely down here


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