Vanilla Ice meets Zumba- oh happy day

My day started brilliantly this morning, sitting  in my inbox was an email headed as follows….Zumba Fitness and Vanilla Ice ‘Collaborate’ * to create Ice Ice Baby Zumba Remix and music video. Basically, they’ve Zumba’d up Ice Ice Baby and it’s going to be integrated into classes henceforth. Joy, was the only word that sprung into my head.

Although, strange you might think, while he may have enviable abs, why would Mr Ice team up with the Zumba folks? The man himself explains saying ‘Whether it’s music, acting or renovating homes I’ve got to love what I do if I’m really going to commit to it – passion is key. So when I learned 12 million people were committing to the dance party that is Zumba Fitness, I was on board. As a musician and someone who appreciates a good fitness program, there is nothing better than having fun and getting fit at the same time. Word to your mother!’ I virtually exploded with happiness at this point.

By now, nothing could ruin this day for me, nothing – and I hadn’t even clicked on the song yet, when I did all I can say is thank you the Gods of Exercise. It’s annoyingly catchy and I did have a little jig round the desk to it.  It even made me sad that Zumba and I were not made to be together due to my stupid inability to follow the steps (see my experience of it here). You want to hear it yourself now don’t you, well here it is below, but before you click, read on


You see as soon as you click that link you are going to be singing ‘Ice Ice Baby’ all afternoon and you will not be able to get it out of your head. Ice Ice Baby is one of the classic earworm songs – even my continually repeating the title is already lodging it annoyingly in your brain and you’re probably going ‘dum dum dum deda dum dum’ as you read this. This is called an earworm and believe it or not, actual proper scientists are studying them. Here’s what one of them, Finnish researcher Lassi Liikkanen from the Helsinki Institute for Information Technology, told me recently. ‘An earworm can be triggered by several things – seeing a photo of the artist, by feeling a mood you associate with that song, or hearing snippets of lyrics,” he says. British scientist Dr Vicky Williamson from Goldsmith’s College talks about how she got George Michael’s Faith stuck in her head for hours after simply seeing a box from the shoe company of the same name.  Other research has found they’re more likely to appear when you’re stressed.

The big question is how do you get rid of them? You have to distract your brain by doing something else like a crossword, or, playing another song.  Thankfully in Zumba class concentrating on the steps, or the next song on the playlist, should be enough to wipe Ice Ice Baby from your head- well until you see the nearest freezer of course. Then you’ll think cold, you’ll think ice – and before you can say ‘stop, collaborate and listen’ it’ll be back. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. this thing on? Talk to me, it's lonely down here

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