Is fizzy water the key to great skin?

fizzy water spa Japan

I came across an interesting news item in the Financial Times a while back, it was about how Sodastream were looking forward to entering the Japanese market – but not just as a drinks company, they wanted to go into beauty. It seems that washing your skin with fizzy water is a big trend in Japan – you can buy fizzy water baths, convert your shower into a fizzy water dispenser, get bubbling water sprays to squirt on when you need a pep up.

The simple theory is this – carbonic acid (which is the name given to carbon dioxide dissolved in water) promotes circulation boosting skin health. They also claim that it helps clean hair better and that it’s a great foot soak. So, guess what I’ve been doing for the last week or so…..that’s right, I’ve been getting busy with the fizzy.

As The Boyfriend refused to help me convert the plumbing to make it bubbly, I had to make do with what I could find. I bought myself two litre bottles of Tesco’s highly exclusive Everyday Value fizzy water (for the princely sum of 40p), now the question was what to do with them.

Who needs Creme de la Mer?


First I tried it on a flannel – pointless waste of water, doesn’t feel any different. Then I tried splashing it on from the sink – this was more like it –  as the bubbles hit your skin, they make a lovely refreshing pop – it’s a really nice way to wake up, though you only get about three splashes before the bubbles stop

Then, I tried the Bubble Plunge….this involved me filling a bowl with water and putting my face it. Note to readers do not do this face down – if you do, bubbles will go up your nose and you will sneeze a lot, it’s a better plan to go in cheek first and soak one side of your face at a time.

So, do I now have the skin beautifully soft skin of a geisha – erm no. Actually it left my skin quite dried out- I might try the face splash on days when I really need a jolt awake though. Oh, and the footsoak was a bit disappointing too, I’d get a better bubble from popping in one of my fizzy Sephora Bath Cubes. I’m not sure this one is a trend I’ll be wholely embracing

Want bubbles? These are a better bet

Glass  image:

This post is day three of my month of discussing all things health, beauty, food and fitness in Japan. See my intro post to find out why.


  1. Danielle Fonseca

    I wonder if they use a specific type of fizzy water than what you used and maybe thats why they got the results?

    otherwise its definitly interesting to see the different concotions people come up with.

    1. healthehelen

      Good point – although it’s supposed to be the actual bubbles that make the difference – but you’re right, hard versus soft water might make a difference. It’ll still make you sneeze though!

  2. katylove1990

    Wow that’s very interesting. I’ll have to try this =)

  3. Mars

    I think you and ‘boyfriend’ are going to spend most of your time in the bathrooms in Japan! Must try could definitely use a little bit of fizz to perk me up n the morning.

    1. healthehelen

      Mars – you have no idea. I haven’t even got onto the exciting toilets yet

  4. Catherine Dream

    I think the main thing is that it’s NOT tap water – especially where water is so damn hard.
    : )

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