The Japanese Shouting Vase – every office should have one

Beat anger with a japanese shouting vase

This is Day Five of my month of all things Japanese and so  far I’ve refrained from just talking about my favourite bonkers Japanese products (don’t worry, the $6000 robot seal is coming soon) but this one, I can’t resist – just look at it. It’s a vase into which you yell when you’re angry and it absorbs the sounds so they come out as mere calming whispers. Seriously, why wouldn’t you want this…..

And it’s good for you too – unsuppressed rage is linked to (deep breath) heart disease, high blood pressure, weight gain, poor lung function, back pain, headache and probably more (they’re just the ones I’ve written about). If however you don’t fancy yelling your cares into a small vase, there’s some other interesting options available. Anger release is becoming big business and therefore people are setting up creative solutions to help you let it all out. For example….

Shouting phone lines: The first of these launched recently in the UK – called The Vent Service you pay £3.99 to basically let off steam for five minutes. There’s also one in Germany that I know of.

Anger Rooms: You pay money to throw things or smash them into tiny little pieces. The newest is in Dallas but there’s been a few in the US and Asia.

Anger Apps: My favourite one of these, Vent It (where you got to throw plates at a wall with a very satisfying smashing noise) doesn’t seem to be available any more. There are others available though including ones where you insert photos of the person or thing that’s annoyed you most today!

I’ve also recently discovered somewhere you can go and throw axes in Sydney, which, will not billed as anger therapy would work rather nicely I think.

Or, you can of course just yell ******* ***** **** *** *******  into a pillow which works quite nicely too and doesn’t cost any money. this thing on? Talk to me, it's lonely down here

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