Happy New Year: It’s Resolutions Day

That’s right, it’s the big day – Jan 1st. Day of resolutions, New Year, New You and all that. Now personally, I don’t make resolutions – basically I’m completely rubbish at keeping them so I’ve learned not to do it. I do however have a few things I’d like to achieve this year. I’d like to….

1) Have more fun and do more stuff. Last year was a bit boring. I’m not doing that again.

2) Run the Disney Dumbo Double Dare I told you about. Yes, I’ve decided I definitely want to do it  (see above).

3) Increase the page views on this very blog by 500 a month, every month – click people, click. And bring out the e-book as planned on February 11th – thankfully everything looks like it’s going okay for that.


However there’s one big question here, and it’s shall I still making losing half a stone one of my goals? Yes, I’m still trying to shift that same 7lb I’ve been trying to eliminate since June, I gave up telling you because I got bored talking about my lack of progress – which means I’ve decided I have three options.

1) Do something drastic like go to bootcamp to shift it – after all, I’m very good at maintaining a weight so once it’s gone it should stay gone! I am however bad at being told what to do.

2) Just admit to myself that I actually don’t care – I’m fit, I’m healthy, I’m not actually overweight – and let’s face it, if I really wanted to lose it I would knuckle down and do it.

3) Just go out dressed like Nicki Minaj the whole time and then no-one will actually give a fig whether I’ve lost half a stone or not.

I'm thinking this is the look I'll choose

I’m thinking this is the look I’ll choose

So, which shall I choose? I’ll let you know when I’ve decided. In the meantime, anyone know where I can buy some big pants and a LOT of feathers.


Images: freedigitalphotos.net

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