Dumbo Double Dare Race Registration Opens: Who’s with me?

I’ve done it – I’m registered for the Run Disney Dumbo Double Dare. For those who didn’t see my original post, this is a new event taking place at Disneyland in California August 31st/Sept 1st and it sees you running a 10km race on the Saturday and a half marathon on the Sunday. Registration opened at noon US Eastern Standard time so if you’re keen, you can enter the DDD, the half marathon or the 10km on their website here. It’s cheaper if you enter before February 19th – although it’s still a mindblowing US$280 (about £180) for the Double Dare.

I haven’t run distance in a VERY long time – my last proper event was the Sydney 14km City to Surf in 2009 and I didn’t bother with the half marathon that year so getting back into the mindset of training is going to be tough. This also means I couldn’t provide a proof of finish time for the race so I’ve had to put in 2.46 which means I’m probably in the last corral. Not that this really matters as I’m hardly a speedy runner, but I will run it so best I enter another event a bit sharpish so I can get a time and move my corral up to the 2.20 minute mark.

This doesn’t mean I have anything against walkers, one of the things I like most about the Disney races is how welcome they make people of any size, shape and fitness ability and how, when you do have to walk, you don’t feel like the biggest loser on the course, but dodging round a lot of walking people when you are trying to run makes the first mile a bit stressful – and you expend a lot of breath saying ‘sorry’, ‘excuse me’ and ‘woops’ and I’ll need as much of that as I can.

I’m part excited, part thinking ‘oh blimey what have I let myself in for’ not least as I’ve got to raise a large sum to pay for the flight yet. Still I have you guys to egg me on now don’t I. You’ll listen when I can’t face training won’t you? Guys….guys? Erm, where did all my followers go……

Have you signed up for any of the RunDisney Anaheim races? Tell me below – we can be virtual training buddies.

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  1. Arian

    Awesome, now get training!


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