Sleeping with a wriggler? I have the answer

Last week I was in Dusseldorf – I went for the cabbage and sausages, I came back with two words that could save relationships everywhere. Single Duvets.

Now, while I am completely aware that he is lying and that in fact, I lie in bed serenely still, rather like Snow White post-apple (but with the ability to wake up on my own), The Boyfriend insists that I fidget. In fact, he occasionally refers to it as ‘jumping up and down all bloody night.’ These are the mornings when he has a grouchy look on his face.

However, this trip we stayed at an apartment that offered each person their own duvet. It was amazing – I was fidgeting a fair bit (I was aware of it as I was awake) yet because I wasn’t interfering with the covers over Grouchy McSnorey on the other side of the bed, he didn’t have a clue. Such a simple solution to an age old problem. Now, if only I could solve the snoring issue.

Oh and BTW: If you are going to Dusseldorf I can firmly recommend the place we stayed. Called Apartment Haus, it’s at 37-41 HoheStrasse. This makes it less than 10 minutes walk to the Old Town, yet it’s whisper quiet. We had apartment 47, a studio, which had a tiny balcony which, had it not been snowing, would have been a lovely place to sit. It has a King Bed, the magic duvets, a mini kitchen, workdesk and a large bathroom and we paid just over 100 Euro a night.

The only (tiny) criticism is that the reception is unmanned at evenings, weekends and public holidays – it wasn’t a huge deal but it did mean we had to make a few calls to the 24 hour service to work out where to store bags on departure etc. It’s not a big deal as they are very helpful, but if you want a full service hotel, it might not be right for you.


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  1. sparkleyglitterprincess

    My husband and I have a California king bed and we have separate blankets because evidently I ‘steal’ the covers… Fixed the issue. 🙂

    Reply this thing on? Talk to me, it's lonely down here


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