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I’ll be honest, the products I feature on this blog are not chosen using a careful algorithm. They usually appear for one of three reasons. 1) They are genuinely really innovative 2) They intrigue me (and usually allow me to take the pee in some way) 3) They plopped onto my desk on a slow news day and I quite liked them. However, it does seem that my random method of selection picks the odd gem. Two of the products I featured recently have just won prizes at the Natural and Organic Awards. I therefore thought I’d highlight them again, in case you missed the original posts. If you’re looking to liven up your skin (and have fun doing it) or eat THE most gorgeous yogurt known to mankind, read on…..

First, I give you: Pukka Nourishing Brightener


What I said about it….

Considering I have a face shot full of unnatural substances, you’ll probably guess that I’m not a big one for insisting my cosmetics are all natural, but yesterday I got to play with the new uber-organic, chemical free, so healthy you could probably eat it (don’t though) skincare range from Pukka Herbs and love, love, love the Nourishing Brightener, £13.00.

It’s a mix your own exfoliator, add a dab of the powder into water, your cleanser or a face oil and rub it in as per normal to slough off the dullness. On days you want a super scrub use more powder, for gentle days use less.

Resultswise, it left my skin feeling smooth (though still dry, definitely need to moisturize afterwards), but the thing I love is mixing it up. It’s like being four and making mud pies. Hours of fun. NB: do not use anywhere near pale towels or pale flannels!

Find the range at Wholefoods Market, Revital or Nutricentre, or just click here.

Closely followed by the divine Co-Yo Yogurt

Its Mango flavour won: BEST NEW SPECIAL DIET PRODUCT although I personally prefer the plain one, for reasons explained below….

It took me a while to work out what Co-Yo’s Coconut Milk Yogurt looked like when I first opened it up. Then all of a sudden it hit me – it’s Nivea Cream. Super thick, very, very white, it really does look like something you should rub on, not eat – especially considering it smells like sunscreen. However I’m very glad I decided to actually consume it. It’s divine.

Now I do have to make a confession here – coconut yogurt is NOT DNA Diet friendly. The calorie stats tell me that the 125g pot contains one serving and that one serving contains 193kcal and 19g of fat, 14.7g of it saturated. As you may remember from my first post explaining the DNA Diet, I have genes that suck up fat like little plump sponges. Merely looking at this yogurt should theoretically therefore trigger mass fat cell explosions in my body. However, for the rest of you, there’s a couple of reasons why adding Co-Yo to your diet plan may not be so much of an issue.

For starters, there’s a whole school of thought that says because the type of saturated fat in coconut is a medium chain fatty acid (unlike the long chain fatty acids found in animal products) it can actually trigger weight loss not promote it.  People have written entire books on the subject but in a nutshell, MCFA’s are said to actually have a thermogenic action in the body raising metabolism as you eat them. It’s also claimed that lauric acid – the main type of fat in coconut oil is more likely to be burned by the body than stored.

However, the other reason that Co-Yo is okay for most diet plans is that I defy you to eat 125g of it. It is so thick and so rich that in my opinion, you would feel seriously sick if you tried it – and I have been known to consume a litre of Ben and Jerry’s without issue. So far I have found that 2 teaspoons is more than enough – especially if you add it to some fruit. That’s a far more diet friendly 58 calories – about 108 with a few handfuls of berries and it’s seriously satisfying.

NB: they do also make a flavoured version with fruit underneath it, which again is delicious, but it’s more like normal yogurt and therefore is easier to eat a lot of it. That comes as a 250gm pot and you could wolf down half of that easily (to a cost of 193 calories) so, unless you have calories to burn, or willpower of steel I’d say stick with the original version if you’re weight watching.

To find it, check out their website here or as of this month, it’s also now available via Ocado. Oh, and as an added bonus if you’re vegan or avoiding certain food groups for some reason, it is dairy free, soy free, gluten free, lactose-free and doesn’t contain sugar.

Coconut visual:

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