An Alice in Wonderland Running Outfit…..Hmmm, tempting

Normally, e-mails concerning ‘costumes’ with short skirts do not stay long in my inbox, however, the other day I noticed an intriguing group of people following me on twitter. Called Run Gazella, their blurb said they make ‘lightweight fancy dress costumes for running’….now, where might it be totally and completely acceptable for me to run, oh let’s say 10km or (and) a half marathon, dressed as Alice in Wonderland or Mrs Incredible? Somewhere I might be going in less than 100 days…..

They’ve offered me the chance to test one. I’m seriously considering it – my only issue is that rule that says you wear or do nothing different on race day. That means I have to run at least one training run in said frock – preferably one of the long ones. Now while I’m happy to run around Disneyland dressed like an oversized cartoon character, I’m a bit concerned that doing it round here might a) attract a Pied Piper like band of guffawing teenagers b) attract the local constabulary. So, we shall see.

If you are braver than me though and live in the UK, check them out US runners, they don’t yet ship to your neck of the woods but they tell me they are working on it, so keep them bookmarked.



  1. Arian

    I’m pretty sure you could break the rule just this once!

  2. Lu

    It’s not a very obvious costume though, it just looks like a tennis dress. You could do one run in it – it’s not like you’re going to be dressed as big bird or anything. And people are more likely to be like “I saw this girl running in a really cool Alice in Wonderland.running dress” than “hahahahahaha….” unlike if you were dressed as big bird…

    1. healthehelen

      Running in any dress is weird! It’s a dress.

  3. bronxbronte

    Yes it would be amazing worn as a tennis outfit.

    1. healthehelen

      And maybe in Wonderland I might actually be able to hit a ball. I like this as an idea.

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