Soreen Lunchbox Loaves: 95 calories shocker!

When I came back from Guernsey something terrifying was on my doorstep. I didn’t realise how horrifying it was at first – in fact at first I let out a little shriek of joy as it was a bright yellow box marked Soreen.

For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s a fruit packed slab of carbohydrate that they officially describe as ‘malt loaf’ – but I describe as heaven with butter on. I love it – but rarely have it in the house as I can’t be trusted to not eat at least half of it.

Hence my glee when I saw the box, you see inside were two packets of their new Soreen Lunchbox Loaves – individually packed portions of malt loaf (shaped rather cutely like little loaves of bread).  On the face of it, a low fat/calorie counting dieters dream – 95 calories (and just 0.1g saturated fat) of pure stodgy, squishy yumminess. In reality, a terrifying wake-up call to how many calories I’ve consumed via ‘nibbling’ this stuff in the past.

Seriously,  that picture above is what a 95 calorie portion of Soreen looks like compared to a small banana. It’s gone in two mouthfuls – and I wander past the stuff regularly just breaking off a bit thinking it doesn’t matter. No wonder I don’t do well on a low-fat diet!

Despite my horror/guilt – these things are DIVINE. And, considering the fact that Soreen is rather easy to overeat, they’re also actually a really good idea as they do limit you. Another good thing is the shape – because they are shaped like little loaves of bread and not flat slices I was less tempted to put butter on them. As well as the original malt loaf, they also offer a banana bread flavour which is really, really good.  Of the two, strangely, the banana ones ended up being my favourite. If you’re not banning carbs for any reason, seriously, check them out – they’re in (UK) supermarkets nationwide now.

I however am supposed to be banning carbs – and my office is currently worryingly ‘snack tastic’ – so expect a few more foodie posts coming up. And then possibly one or two about how I’m having to lose a kilo again! Now, time to take the Malt Loaf model downstairs and away from my fingers so I don’t eat it.
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