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Thanks to the rest of you who entered and as I know right now that you are sad, possibly bereft, I have a useful fact that will cheer you right up.  Almonds now have 20 percent fewer calories than they used to. Cue the fireworks again

No, there’s not been some bizarre internal almond restructure that’s cut their calories instead it’s down to the fact that calories can now be measured more precisely and, the actual amount of energy that we absorb from foods calculated. You see when we eat something we don’t take in every colour – some get burned up while we digest the food, others actually pass through the system without digestion.

As such, according to the nice people at California Almonds, a 30g serving of almonds actually ends up providing you with only 138 calories versus the 173 calories listed on labels.

Of course there are two ways you can use this info:

1) Yay, I can save 20% of my calories while I eat the same healthy snack


2) Yay – now I can eat more almonds.

I’ll let you work out for yourselves which one I choose!

In other strange calorie-related news, you should also eat your vegetables crunchy: When they looked at textures in people’s diets researchers at the University of Tokyo found women eating crunchy foods had smaller waistlines than those eating softer ones. “It’s related to the kilojoules you burn up eating them,” says Dr Stephen Secor, a specialist in metabolisable energy at the University of Alabama. “It takes roughly twice as many chews to eat a raw carrot than the same amount of cooked carrot.” And every chew burns kilojoules. Dr Secor’s work has also shown that rare steak provides 12 percent fewer kilojoules than a well-done one as our body uses more energy breaking down the harder collagen bonds within it – the longer you cook a steak for, the softer these become.

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  1. Michelle

    oh fiddlesticks. congrats to Jyoti though.

  2. Jyoti

    Assuming I’m the winning Jyoti, thank you Helen (and Michelle for your congrats). A pleasant surprise!

    1. healthehelen

      You are the winning Jyoti – yay! I can’t access healthehelen email where I am now hence my radio silence – if you want to drop me a line at healthehelen (dot) gmail (dot) com with your mailing address though I’ll get the lovely 9bar people to post out your goodies.

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