Zombie Runs: Time To Get Your Freak On

‘Hey Helen you’ll like this,’ said a message from Laura over at The Ramblings of A Mad Woman this morning. She was sending me a link to this year’s series of four Zombie runs taking part here in the UK soon. Ah, Health-ees, you’re starting to know me so well. And you aren’t the only ones as the people behind the Zombie Evacuation Race (www.zombieevacuation.com) tracked me down a week or so ago as well.

running the zombie gauntlet

For those of you wondering what a Zombie Run is, it’s a 5k race – with added chasing! You start the race with three ‘lifetags’ tied round your waist – as you traverse the course, Zombies will leap out and try and grab your tags, your aim is to avoid them, and cross the finish line with as many tags as possible. Although you notice a carefully worded phrase there ‘traverse the course’ – because you’re not happily jogging round a track evading the undead, it’s an obstacle course. Now this is where me, joy and the Zombie run part company slightly – obstacles sound like school exercise, school exercise made me cry so I admit that entering one will really push me outside my comfort zone, particularly as in their FAQ’s is this particular statement.

Are there electrified obstacles on the course?

We can neither confirm nor deny this. We do have electrified obstacles in our repertoire, but whether they are being used in the course design of the race you are competing in is a surprise. 

Erm, electrocution is not something I aim for in my exercise programme. I like to keep myself free of potentially hurty shocking devices as a rule, I don’t even like it when I get a bit of static off the treadmill. I’m also scared of heights and so can’t climb anything and jump down off it (yes, I’m a bit of a wimp to be honest). But, they say you can refuse any obstacle with perhaps a tiny forfeit or having to take a backtrack round the course so I am still kind of tempted.

If you are too, there’s a chance to check things out this weekend BEFORE you commit yourself completely to a race.  They are running a Press event this Sunday (August 18th) in London’s Hyde Park that helps you find out more and hone your Zombie Evacuation Skills in practice for the events themselves – or hone your costume if you decide you’d prefer to be one of the undead. I sadly can’t go as I’m dodging my own form of Zombie in the form of beered-up teenagers in wellies at V Festival but, they do have limited spaces available for other folk too if you want to try it – and they cost just £5.00.  Buy your tickets here. Or, if you just want to hit the ground running (so to speak) you’ll find all the details regarding the full events at zombieevacuation.com


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