The Woodway Curve – Scariest Treadmill EVER

the woodway curve treadmill

I’ve just realised I totally forgot to tell you about this!  Remember the other day I went off to Equinox and played on the anti-gravity treadmill, well, I also tested The Woodway Curve when I was in there.

Now, The Curve is made by a company called Woodway, and it’s erm, curved. Basically the idea is that it’s a treadmill you power yourself. That’s right, no setting the speed and just following what the machine tells you. With this, the faster you run, the faster it goes (and vice versa) this, they claim, means it gives a harder workout than the motorised treadmills normally found in the average gym – in fact, they say you’ll burn 30 percent more calories than normal and recruit more muscles on the back of your legs (excellent). Plus, because it’s not motorised it can also have a softer tread than the normal treadmills making it particularly good for long distance running as the impact on your joints is lessened.

I was very keen to have a play and hopped on happily. In theory it’s simple, the closer to the middle you stand the slower it goes, the nearer the top you stand the faster it goes. Simples….unless you’re like me, who normally runs right at the top of the treadmill near the control panel. Then you spend your time on the Woodway Curve alternating between a state of slow speed but high anxiety as you’re not close enough to grab the front if you fall off and a state of high speed and absolute terror as you forget and head back to your happy place close to the front only to find the thing speeding up to 13+kph.

Seriously, I think I burned more calories via anxiety than through leg movement.  I’m not sure it’s for me, not least as when I do run on the treadmill I tend to go into zone out mode – and on this I can see high potential for that ending in humiliation and nose bleeding. It’s a workout that needs concentration. But, if there’s one in a gym near you do give it a try. It’s definitely intriguing – and as the comments below show, a lot of people REALLY love it!

Look at the concentration - and the gripping knuckles!

Look at the concentration – and the gripping knuckles!




  1. christine horstman

    I have tried the curv treadmill several times at the gym…. I love it! I think the reviewer did a bogus job reviewing this treadmill. I find that a new piece of equipment takes a few times trial and error before it can be judged properly.

    1. NotYourNormalHealthBlog (Post author)

      Nope, tried it again. Still scares the bewhatsits out of me.

      1. PBG77

        It has a high learning curve if you’re not very coordinated (like me). It took about 5 times before I got comfortable walking without holding on, but once I did I immediately tried running with no problem.

      2. NotYourNormalHealthBlog (Post author)

        That’s great. I’ve tried it a couple of times now, but I do have a pathetically high fear threshold (I like to refer to it as a healthy sense of self preservation) so good to know braver folk do master it. Listen to PBG77 people!

  2. Ed

    The problem is you, not the Curve. It is being used as the ONLY treadmill that replicates real running at UNCW,s exercise science lab. Electric propelled treadmills do not. Granted, you can’t zone out and fall asleep, but you’ll end up in a lot better shape if you use it yourself rather than let an electric motor do half of the running for you.

    1. NotYourNormalHealthBlog (Post author)

      I generally run outside!

    2. Chess

      Traditional treadmills do not “do half your running for you”. This treadmill is different because you are powering it – you make the surface move. That’s why it is a tougher workout. That doesn’t happen with traditional treadmills, or running outside, for that matter.

  3. Peter never

    First few times I hated it.Then I suddenly realised I was jogging along and not even thinking about it.My body had learned what to do all by itself without my mind getting in the way. now I love it.

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