Love Your Liver (as frankly it might hate you right now)

How’s the head? Better than a couple of days ago – then spare a thought for the little organ crying softly somewhere under your ribs. That’s right, your liver quite possibly hates you. For the last few weeks you’ve been abusing it merrily, it’s sat there silently doing its thing detoxing the alcohol, handling the morning after painkillers and groaning under the weight of another sugar and saturated fat bundle wrapped up as a Mince Pie and Cream. So now is your turn to give it an MOT.

January sees the Love Your Liver Roadshow appearing in a supermarket carpark somewhere nearish to you. In fact, it’s appearing in Morrisons’ car parks in these areas on the following dates.

Tuesday 14th – Livingston

Wednesday 15th- Newcastle

Thursday 16th- Leeds

Friday 17th Manchester

Tuesday 21st – London

Wednesday 22nd – Bristol

Thursday 23rd – Cardiff

Friday 24th – Birmingham

Parked in said car park will be a large van – and in that van will be a liver expert or two who can chat to you about your habits, and a Fibroscan machine. For those who have no clue what this is, it uses ultrasound waves to test how hard your liver is. A healthy liver is soft and absorbs ultrasound waves – a damaged one bounces them back. I had mine tested recently and it was totally painless – and thankfully totally fine, but the British Liver Trust tell me that of the people they screen as part of the roadshow a whopping 22 percent do come back with signs of liver disease – which is quite shocking when the Government say that only 3 percent of the population have the issue! Early liver disease has no outward symptoms, so this could be your one chance to get a heads up if you do think you drink to much (or eat a high fat/high sugar diet, eating badly is also a cause of liver disease but we tend to ignore that). The good news is early stage liver disease is highly reversible so, if you do get a warning shot fired across your bow, you can do something about it.

For more details on the campaign, including the exact timing and location of the vans, visit the Love Your Liver website

Therein ends the serious health post – tomorrow, we’ll talk about fluffy stuff again I promise. this thing on? Talk to me, it's lonely down here


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