Walkers Sunbites: Crisps of Confusion


I don’t like multigrain crisps. I used to eat them in Australia. They were like sawdust. An odd crunchy sawdust.  So it’s a huge surprise to me that I’m coveting the last packet of Walkers multigrain Sunbites in the house. No, they aren’t new to the market, but they are new to my tastebuds – and, as up until now I would normally have left them on the shelf thinking ‘sawdust snack alert’ I felt I should confess my new found love in case you’re labouring under the same misguided illusion as me. People, you are missing out……

Here’s the facty bits for whatever diet you might be on….

* About 120-134 calories a packet (depending on flavour) – around the same as normal crisps, but they are more filling

* Made from a mix of corn, wheat and oat flour – sorry gluten-free folks

* They contain just 0.6g of saturated fat – yay.

* Obviously, they’re a no-no for low carbers (15.3g a packet) – and weirdly, they contain 1.9g of sugar. Why? It’s a crisp. Crisps are savoury treats, not sweets.

* The Cheddar and Onion ones are my fave.

There endeth the snack related update for the day.

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