The Cara Drip: What happened when I tried it

IV vitamin drips are in the news again after  model Cara Delevigne posted a pic of her arm with one in. I tried one out ages ago so I figured today I’d repost my review just in case anyone was wondering what it was like…..Here you go.

Cara, Rhianna, Simon Cowell – all among the celebs rumoured to have tried vitamin drips. They aren’t alone. I tested them after I heard about City traders in London using them to tackle all the issues that come with burning the candle at every end conceivably possible – stress management, hangovers and pepping up their energy for a big trading day ahead etc. But now it seems its gone A-list.  Health-e-Helen however had gone there first! I had the Drip and Chill – as it’s known in Britain – back in 2012 (I’m so hip).

The idea is simple – the drip pumps in lots of fluid, a heavy dose of energising B vitamins – plus a few other vitamins or minerals tailored to your individual issues. It’s not for the fainthearted though.

For starters , it’s an IV drip – this means you have to have a needle put in your hand – and while the team doing it are very skilled it does still hurt a bit – plus, there’s the thought that you’re sitting there with a needle in your hand to get over (I stared at the ceiling a lot). Then there’s the taste….as the vitamins enter your system you get a pretty strong ‘I just burped up a really metallic multivit’ taste in your mouth which, if I was a City boy with a hangover might tip me over the hill to gagville. I was also left ridiculously thirsty afterwards.

But it did work – I went out that night and was really pepped up and energised. And I woke up the next morning feeling fine (despite wine) and with lovely clear eyes and plumped up skin. Yet, with all those benefits I wouldn’t I do it again. Why? Ummm, because it costs £225 a session and personally if I’m partying or working so hard that I’m willing to pay a couple of hundred quid to counteract it I think I’d be better off in therapy than sticking a drip in my arm. £225 to Rhianna though is about £3.50 and for that it would definitely be worth it!  If therefore your bank balance is more Rhianna’s than mine, you want to give it a try, visit and you can check out their treatment menu.

Photo: © Studio-Annika this thing on? Talk to me, it's lonely down here


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