Fitsnap – Personalise your Healthies*


How awesome is this? Fitsnap is a new app that allows you to annotate pictures of yourself running – the idea being that this will motivate you during training for races.

Now this might seem hypocritical to any of my friends who read this blog as I was lamenting on Facebook yesterday that I don’t get the whole ‘fitness stars of Instagram thing.’ Now, here I am I’m telling you to take pictures of yourself doing exercise but there’s a difference. See I don’t see why looking at pictures of someone elses’ butt or abs is inspiring. I don’t have their genes, I don’t have their diet plan, I don’t know what workout they’re doing, I’m just looking at a butt. I really don’t understand why that’s going to make me move.

I’m obviously in the minority though as some of the big names have hundreds of thousands of followers. I’m not sure that would happen if I started posting pictures of my abs on the internet.

However, creating pictures of you and either marking milestones as you train, celebrating achievements you’re proud of or, using them in a ‘law of attraction’ kind of way and annotating them with the time you’re hoping to achieve or the distance you’re going to cover if it’s new for you, now that’s motivating. Although my friend ‘other Helen’ would prefer you don’t post them on facebook as it makes her grouchy!

If you want to try Fitsnap it’s free – yes, free – and available now on itunes. You can also see more about it here on

* For those not up on their fitness lingo – Healthies are selfies taken while you’re doing something that makes you healthier! this thing on? Talk to me, it's lonely down here

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