Secret Sausages – vegetables Jim, but not as you know it!

What’s the main ingredient in the dish below?


I know what you’re thinking, it’s a sausage Helen. But no. It may be sausage shaped but this is a Secret Sausage. A mix of vegetables, rice herbs and spices wrapped in a special seaweed and rice based casing that merely looks like a sausage. At around just 60 calories each, and with three of them equaling one of your 5 a day they’re a great way of saving calories and eating more vegetables. And no, while you’re not going to trick anyone that they’re made of Pinky and Perky, they do taste really good for what they are – a veggie sausage.

My favourite ones

My favourite ones

Now if you’re laughing and me and thinking – seriously, no-one in my house would eat a veggie sausage, I have a top tip from the kitchen stylings of The Boyfriend – who is quite a whizz when he’s got his pinny on. I caught him wrapping the ones I’d left him for lunch in strips of bacon ‘pigs in blanket style’ – which I admit may make the Secret Sausage creators shudder, but made him very happy. Of the ones I’ve tried my faves are the Chilli and Coriander and Cheese and Spring Onion – but they’ve all been pretty good. Find them now at selected health stores or buy them online at


Oh – and talking of food of yummy-ness. Pudology Chocolate Pud has been placed on earth by magic dessert fairies. If you haven’t tried these dairy (and gluten) free chocolate puddings run, run to the shops with your pennies in your hand. The Chocolate one and the Chocolate Orange one are quite simply amazing. ¬†Such is their greatness that the Banoffee one pales in comparison (and Banoffee anything is normally my weakness). They taste like the chocolate pate I made once which basically involved me melting a bar of dark chocolate mixing it with cream and leaving it to set – but these haven’t been anywhere near anything cow-shaped ever – they’re made from coconut milk and cocoa. Admittedly, they aren’t low calorie though, a pot contains around 270 cals – but you’ll enjoy every single one of them. And anyway, you just ran to the shops didn’t you! ¬†From selected Sainsburys and Waitrose or online via Ocado or Goodness Direct. See more here this thing on? Talk to me, it's lonely down here

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