Fast Lanes and Slow Lanes: What every pavement needs.

This has made me laugh lots – and then it made me envy people in Sheffield! The Meadowhall Shopping Centre in the city took note of a complaint by a schoolgirl that people were walking too slowly while shopping and set the mall up with (trial) fast and slow shopping lanes.

I want these in London too – I walk pretty fast at the best of times but getting down Oxford Street or anywhere in Covent Garden in Summer is not a speedy experience – I’m pretty sure after about 5 minutes my blood pressure is through the roof.

However there does seem to be a fundamental flaw in the design (as someone on the Meadowhall Facebook page points out). Surely the slow shopping lane should be closest to the shops?

Image: Meadowhall Shopping Centre this thing on? Talk to me, it's lonely down here


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