Runners – The Neon Run is coming

The Neon Run is coming to the UK and, more northerly runners, you’re getting it first. Yep, if last year was the year of powder runs like The Color Run , this year is the year of super glowy night races that let you get your flouro on. You can’t shake a stick at the moment without one being announced.

The Electric Run has already started up, there’s a few charity events opening up for business now – and then there’s The Neon Run which has already been running in Australia and South Africa (attracting fields of 10,000+ runners) and is now hitting the UK from October. Expect music, glow-in-the-dark entertainment and a big old dance party at the end.

The 5km run or walks start in Leeds (October 18th) and Sunderland (October 25th), but they will be announcing more dates around the country if you want to find out more or enter, check out their website at

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