The Insomnia Trick You Haven’t Tried Yet.

Sometimes I do think that The Boyfriend needs his own TV show – sadly Karl Pilkington got there before him. But the other day he did come out with a comment that while sounding extremely simple is actually a genius piece of advice. I’ve since mentioned it to a few people, including one renowned sleep expert, who all agreed with its sheer brilliance.

It all came about when he was having trouble sleeping. In an attempt to calm down his whirring mind he decided to think about giraffes, as, I quote “you can’t think about anything with animals except how brilliant they are.”

At the time this triggered one of those fits of the giggles I get when he says something like that (other examples include “are beavers just fat otters”) but the more I thought about it more more brilliant it became. Now, whenever I can’t sleep I just conjure up visions of fluffy things. And yep it works.

Should anyone wish to book The Boyfriend for speaking engagements, TV shows and book deals I’m on 15 percent, okay.


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    Well tell The Boyfriend he’s still a legend in our house. Like the fluffy idea very much. Will give it a go as insomnia kicking in big time again!

    Reply this thing on? Talk to me, it's lonely down here


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