Monday is Melfie Day – are you joining in?

Q: What’s a Melfie….?

Is it……….

a): A picture of you looking all zen after Meditating

b) A picture of you Mooning to show your glutes

c) A picture of you Munching whatever healthy yumminess you’re eating that day

The answer, as you probably guessed by the handy cut out and keep sign above, is  A – and it’s a new idea by the lovely team over at Red Magazine who would like to see your melfies this Monday Jan 26th.

The idea is simple, right now, print out the sticker above (you’ll find a bigger one here) and then at 1.00 on Monday, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, stop and take ten minutes to give your brain a break. They’ve created the idea in conjunction with super destress guru Andy Puddicombe from the Headspace group who believes you don’t need to sit crossed legged, chant or burn anything that smells like a festival to meditate, in fact, give him the chance and he’ll teach you to meditate in the bus queue.

If you’re not a normal mediator, don’t panic, we’re not expecting you to become a zen master over the weekend, instead, simply go onto itunes or and download the (free) Take10 app and use that to help you focus.

After you’re done, snap a selfie holding your sticker of your seriously zen face and post your Melfie on twitter to the @redmagdaily account, with the hashtag #RedMonday. For best results, repeat the 10 minute Zen bit daily (you don’t need to repeat the Melfie).

Oh and talking of posting pictures – has anyone spotted a High Fat Diet poster at a station yet? Remember there’s a prize for the first selfie with one posted here or on the healthehelen facebook page – although surely that should be a Pelfie? Here’s mine.

IMG_1346 this thing on? Talk to me, it's lonely down here


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