Reviewed: The Lidl/Crivit Sports Bra

Okay this might be a slightly redundant post as Lidl sold out of these pretty soon after they went into store, but just in case they bring them back, or you see the Crivit brand (that it was made by) somewhere else I thought I’d post it anyway. It’s not a long review, basically it says ‘for the love of your boobies try it on.’

They do say you get what you pay for in life so perhaps buying a sports bra for £6.99 could have been predicted to be a mistake but I’d been so impressed with the Aldi sportswear range that when I saw Lidl had kit too a while back I thought it would be just as good and so I should stock up. The only thing I really need is sports bras – some of mine have lived in three countries – so I was a bit disappointed when I got to Lidl and saw there was only one left in my size -particularly as they were purple. But it seems other people’s enthusiasm did me a favour.

I realised this this morning when I went to put it on for my run. Used to pulling at least four muscles when putting on a new sports bra I was pleasantly surprised when this slipped over my head with no protest. However, once I also got it over the relevant area I didn’t notice any squishing, crushing, lifting or general supporting. At this point I decided I best go look in the mirror. The fact that there was no supporting was quite clear just by looking at it standing still. As I jumped up and down I was frankly terrified by what was happening to the ladies. I’m not exactly overly blessed in the boobage department, but seriously it was like the Mitchell brothers on a trampoline.

Admittedly, perhaps I’d bought the wrong size. I’d bought a medium which said size 14/16 and I am normally a medium/12/14 in a top but as I am never a 10 and sports bras normally come up tight I thought a 10/12 would be too small – maybe if I had gone for a small I’d be singing its praises, but trying things on next to the sliced ham didn’t seem an option. As it stands though, the medium has gone in the bin without even being worn once.

So, my advice if Lidl sell this same brand again is to wear a t-shirt you can try it on over (turn your back on the ham) and have a jump about just to check you aren’t going to bash yourself on the chin as you run.

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