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Read till the end, there’s a poll and everything…….

I’m in a quandry – I’ve come up with another blog idea that I’d like to pursue, but I can’t see how I can do that blog, do this blog, do my work, run and have a life all at the same time. Do any of you have the same issues? Too many blogs, not enough hours for typing? I know that the new idea would be really good fun, and has an angle that I could probably monetise in some way in the future – but taking that leap has always been something I’ve avoided up until now.

I came to a similar crossroads after I won my prize at the UK National Blog Awards last year. It seemed the perfect time to take the blog ‘professional’ then if I was going to do it – I started focusing the content more so it was just about fitness and nutrition and pretty much lost the beauty, psychology and general health side of things that I started out doing.

But that was all I did – when it came to taking the first step toward ‘going professional’ – moving the blog to self hosting – I kept putting it off. In my world that level of procrastination normally means whatever I’m avoiding is something I shouldn’t be doing – so I parked the idea. A couple of things convinced me that it was the right decision – the SEO monkeys took a brief dislike to me and my numbers fell overnight (thankfully they like me again now) and I started writing The High Fat Diet book and realised how time crunched I was. I felt bad enough as it was that my daily postings went down to once a week – imagine how I would have felt if I was running this ‘for real’ – rather than simply because writing about bizarre healthy stuff makes me happy.

Also, let’s face it – when you look at the mega health and fitness bloggers they all look, and live, the part. Me, not so much (see Exhibit A below) – yes, I eat my veggies, have a supplement habit that makes vitamin manufacturers around the world rich and I run a lot – but I’ve bought/eaten six packets of cashew nuts in the last few weeks and still haven’t made Deliciously Ella’s cashew cream (let alone invented my own version) and I don’t even have decent gym kit to be pictured in, just a load of Disney running shirts and some Aldi shorts – though I do have a fetching running tiara (also see Exhibit A). So, as it stands, Health-e-Helen is here merely for your – and my – enjoyment (unless anyone would like me to front my own range of soup makers/alcohol-free pub drinks/gluten-free, calorie-free Cornish pasties – or even running tiaras – then forget I said that, where do I sign?).

Exhibit A

Exhibit A

Which brings me to my question and the point of this post (yes, it has a point)….not should I start the new blog (although anyone interested reading Health-e Part II raise your hands and say me, me, me)… but I’m wondering should I widen the blog out again? I’ve been looking over past posts and some of the ones I like the most are those about things other than fitness and diet…..posts like these.

When Helen gets hit by a hammer (and finds it relaxing)

The peely feet sock review

Tittoing – it’s a thing

So I figure I’d ask you guys what do you think via the handy poll below…….if you’ve got 2 seconds, can you fill it in. I might completely ignore you, it might help me make a decision, it might confuse me so much I go lie in a dark room eating more cashew nuts for a fortnight, but we shall see…..


  1. rachelspencerwrites

    That’s why people love your blog though – because you’re real! I hope you come to the decisin that is best for you. Fab blog!

    1. healthehelen

      Aww, thank you – I’m having a crappy day and you just cheered me up.

  2. rachelspencerwrites

    Ah that’s good! You do an amazing job!

    Reply this thing on? Talk to me, it's lonely down here


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