Welcome to the 21st Century (aka Health-e-Helen joins instagram)

Today’s big announcement is that Health-e-Helen is now on instagram. You know you’re excited…oh, go on, just pretend you are as it’s actually a big step out of my comfort zone. I’ve been avoiding it because I’m not a hugely visual person and even if I was, frankly, it’s not my natural home for many reasons.

1) I do not have abs to show off

2) I do not wear glamorous matching gym kit

3) I can’t do a yoga pose to save my life

4) I very rarely drink smoothies

5) I like my food hot and therefore when I do photograph it for posts on here it’s a case of ‘just take the blooming picture’ than two hours of careful styling.

6) The stuff I find interesting about health tends to need conveying in words rather than pictures.


But still I thought it would be a fun experiment in thinking differently and it would give my brain a bit of a workout as I tried to figure out how to communicate things in a visual way and, of course, it might bring a few more people here which would be nice.

Although after a week I now can see why all the health folk on there do post pictures of their abs, workout kit and smoothies because seriously it’s really hard to find things to put on there otherwise, especially I’m trying to keep things Health-e like and not get too po-faced and serious – so, we shall how we get on.

Which brings me to the bit where I beg for followers….go on, visit instagram.com/healthehelen and follow me. There’s shaman blessed energy bars and, and upcoming picture of a squirrel.

NOTE: This post was written when the blog was called Health-e-Helen – now, that Instagram page has been renamed to Instagram.com/bemoreunicorn. It’s still as random though.


So fellow health blogging folk – if you’re on instagram, what do you post? Inspire me…….

Hello...hello...is this thing on? Talk to me, it's lonely down here


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