Walt Disney World – Star Wars Half Marathon


I didn’t post about this when it was announced the other day as I was trying to ignore it – in a lalalalalala I can’t hear you kind of way but Run Disney has now announced they are launching a Star Wars Half Marathon at Florida’s Walt Disney World – and I kind of want to go.

The weekend is a sister weekend to the California Disneyland Star Wars runs – now called the StarWars Half Marathon: The Light Side….The WDW events are called The Dark Side and focus on the Vadar side of stuff. So, Stormtroopers, the big guy in black with the breathing issues, the Galactic Empire Sith Lord (eh, you lost me with that one – see below). There’s a 10km, a half marathon – and, for the daft, The Dark Side Challenge – the 10km and the half in a weekend (and yep, all the medals). It takes place April 16-17 next year.

Now I admit, originally I wasn’t interested – that’s why there was no big squee filled announcement. No, I didn’t, I really, really didn’t, want to go – for four very valid reasons..

  1.  I have never seen any Star Wars movie all the way through. The only reason I know so much about it is via osmosis and the Star Tours ride at Disney World. This means that I can see this being a repeat of Avengers where I liked the race but not enough to do it again. Also, I like Ewoks, Yoda and the fluffy guy – they’re good right? I might not get to see them.
  2. It’s in Florida and while I love WDW it’s not super friendly to the non-driving inclined – of which I am one. I’d have to stay on Disney property and that’s going to mount the costs up big time.
  3. It’s in April – that means I’d have to train through Winter. I hate Winter.
  4. And this was the big one, the entries open the before the Disneyland Paris run…that’s the one I want to do, that’s the one I should be super focused on and channeling all my entry Pixie Dust at.

    Look he's virtually beckoning me as I run past...

    Look he’s virtually beckoning me as I run past…

But then as the days go on and the chatter increases on Facebook and its FOMO inducing brethren, I do kind of want to go – for four also very valid reasons

  1. It’s another Inaugural Race – and I missed out on the Star Wars one in Disneyland as I couldn’t justify heading over there.
  2. Because it’s in Florida lots of my WISH team buddies might be there and that would be fun.
  3. If I did get into Paris and I got into this race I would qualify for the Castle to Chateau Medal. Eeeeeeeeeee.
  4. I really wanted all the Star Wars Race Merchandise at the expo for Avengers. Plus, medals!

Entries don’t open until September 22nd so I’ve got a while to ponder. Sadly, Disney races aren’t cheap enough to think ‘oh well I’ll enter and if it all goes horribly wrong I can just not go’ – the Star Wars Race at Disneyland was $199 – that’s about £130. I have no problem paying that if it’s a definite trip but I’m thinking not as a ‘just in case.’ But if I don’t get into Paris I’m going to be soooooo upset I didn’t enter.

So, what’s a runner to do…..Help Me Obi Wan Kenobi……(hang on I know way too much about this film for someone who hasn’t seen it)

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