What’s your Nutritional Kryptonite?

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It’s a gorgeous day today….the perfect day to head out for a run in fact, but instead I took myself off for a walk, why? Because last night for dinner I went out for curry – and curry is my Nutritional Kryptonite.

If I try and run the morning after eating curry, it will literally feel like I’m running through mud. My legs don’t move well, I can’t get up any kind of speed and I often end up having to walk – it’s a bit demotivating and I’ve just spent two weeks in Sydney and while I walked a LOT of miles I didn’t get time to run once – and so, demotivating is not what I need right now as I get back on the fitness pony.

It took me a long time to spot the link. I just thought that some runs were naturally a bit rubbish, but one day while I was running along thinking those aimless thoughts that pass the time while you log miles I realised that there was a pattern to things. That I always had a bad run the night after eating at the Indian – and immediately banned ‘going out for a curry’ as an entertainment option the night before any long training run.

I have no idea what it is about curry that causes me problems – I’m fine with other spicy food, I can eat white rice with something else and run the next day with no problems, and, I also run after beer okay so it’s not that I’m washing down my spicy goodness with too much Cobra. I also had an intolerance test recently and, while it determined that pretty much everything I eat on a daily basis was, theoretically on my ‘you shouldn’t be eating this’ list (cue immediate reaction of ‘lalalalalala I can’t hear you’)…nothing curry orientated appeared upon it. So, I have no clue why it does what it does – but I’m just happy I spotted that it did so I can avoid it when I’m training properly.

So, the moral of this story is, if you regularly have, what I like to refer to as a stonker of a run where nothing goes quite right, have a look at what you’ve eaten the night before or for breakfast – it might be that you have a Nutritional Kryptonite too.

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