Lowest Calories in Bella Italia

My keyboard is buzzing with frustration right now, because I know a secret about something Bella Italia are adding to their menu in the new year and I can’t tell you yet (well I could but then you’d be as frustrated as me as it’s very exciting and you’d want to go and have it now).  However, this did make me realise that I hadn’t included them in one of my ‘low calorie’ round ups.

So off to the Bella Italia website I went to do one of my ‘have they published the nutritional info anywhere’ hunts – and they kind of have. I say kind of because they highlight some dishes as being under 600 calories or under 300 calories on the menu and the website – but they don’t give any more specific details as to exact calorie counts online.

Now, to be honest, that’s actually not bad info – after all sometimes you don’t want to obsess over exact numbers and just want to go with a lower-calorie choice – but if you’re me and you can never decide what you want to eat – because you want to eat everything – sometimes knowing the exact calories just helps you decide.

However, I just thought I’d best double check the info wasn’t hidden somewhere I hadn’t found so I emailed them and asked – at which point they did me (and you if you’re off for dinner there tonight) a huge favour and told me what the lowest calorie items are….and the answer is that

Olive Pizza Vita is the lowest calorie pizza they do at 518 calories

Pomodoro Tagliatelle is the lowest calorie pasta choice at 398 calories

NB: I also found a sneaky tweet from the Bella Italia social media team giving clues to the other pizza cals too Pollo is 547 and Speck is 590. That was in 2014 so things might have been tweaked slightly, but it gives you a rough idea. That same tweet thread also had some of the calories from the mini desserts too  – the Limone tort is just 115 calories.

So now you know – and I’d never thought of tweeting to ask for calories before (assumes secret identity on twitter). It’s a good tip and good on Bella Italia for giving out the info when people do ask.  Oh, and if you want to know what the exciting new idea is, come back on January the 5th when there will be a post all about it.

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