All the Snacks – And a Super Cool New Gym

It’s that point where I send you off into the far reaches of the tintyweb to check out my latest health trend report over on And this month, I’ve gone snack-tastic. The fact that I am currently attempting to shed my Vegas induced Burrito belly ( aka #vegasbaby) and haven’t eaten sugar for days is pure coincidence, instead, it’s just that lots of things I’ve had my eye on for months have all launched at once….so, what are you going to find over there…

New flavours for superhealthy brands Chia Pod, Coyo and Purition

The yogurt I’m predicting will be all over instagram as it’s super pretty – especially with all the flavours lined up together.

A high fibre sweet lemony treat I’ve had to ban from the house because it’s so moreish.

New flavoured waters

A really fun way to make dinner – using dice

Oh, and I haven’t totally forgotten exercise – I’m also talking about the new portable power plate and the super hip new gym Blok that opened just two days ago (and I can imagine every other blogger in town is heading to as I type.). As normal though I don’t want to go where every other blogger goes so today I’m off to run round Wimbledon common attached to a dog.  A dog I have never met before….Now, let’s see….what could possibly go wrong? Look forward to that post in the next couple of days, and, in the meantime, check out The Bodyologist over at this thing on? Talk to me, it's lonely down here


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