It’s Disneyland Paris Half Entry Day

4pm today UK time is the point when you need to be by your phones to finally try and get a bib only place in the Disneyland Paris Half Marathon. Entries open at 5pm Paris time, so 4pm UK time….now I wish at this point I had a handy guide to EXACTLY what you will have to do at this point, but the website is being super vague right now so I’m not sure if you have to phone for a place as you did with the package places or if they are going to do online entry.

I have however found out details on the cost – it looks like the half marathon race alone will be £52, the 5k is £22 – they also have a list of room rates on the site in case you do want to book accommodation. The link for that page is here. If you want to see what the costs might be in other currencies there’s a link to each country specifically here.

So, that’s all I know right now….if I get any further updates on how registration is going to be handled – by phone or online I’ll update this post later, but right now it seems the best plan would simply to be on the website as close to 5pm as you can get an just see what happens. Good luck….I’m sprinkling pixie dust for all you who will be trying to get in. this thing on? Talk to me, it's lonely down here

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