5 Reasons Why Mr Blue Sky is A Great Running Song

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So yesterday was a nice day, the team over at healthista.com named me as one of their top 10 health bloggers to check out. They said lots of nice things in the article – my favourite being the quote below…..

She’s honest and funny and like someone you’d like to have a glass of wine with (she’s laid back and chatty and we get the feeling she wouldn’t even force you to choose an organic version – actually we know her and she wouldn’t!)

Their reason for picking this site was that I like to pick up on new trends and stuff that’s a bit different and so, accordingly to them if you want to find out about what’s the latest news in health and fitness you should come here….so, let’s just ignore the fact that in today’s post I will mostly be writing about a song released in 1978!

Why am I doing this – because yesterday I managed to snatch time to run in the middle of my working day. This is not normal because when I run when I’m supposed to be working I feel guilty and always cut things short. That was my plan yesterday too, I went out aiming to just go round the block for 10 minutes – it was better than nothing – but then just at the point when I needed to turn left to go home, Mr Blue Sky by ELO came on. Within 5 seconds my mood had lifted, my energy soared – I turned right and got home 30 minutes later, nothing bad had happened in the office and frankly I felt fantastic for that longer run. Hence my deciding that today’s post would be dedicated to the random running song of joy that is Mr Blue Sky. I will now state my case as to why it’s so brilliant to run to….

The Case for Mr Blue Sky

1)  The lyrics begin ‘sun is shining in the sky, there ain’t a cloud in sight’ – if that actually is the case, nothing makes me feel happier to be reminded of it – yesterday afternoon was exactly that. I even took my gloves off.

2) It’s 176bpm – which according to jog fm puts you at a 4.36-minute kilometre.

I always run in time to it as it feels so easy to do so – despite the fact that if you told me to run a sub 5-minute kilometre, I’d possibly fling myself hyperventilating on the floor crying that it’s impossible.

Not to Mr Blue Sky it isn’t.

3) One hundred and 24 people on jog.fm have it on their playlist – so I’m not alone in my love for it.

4) It came out when I was 10 – I was actually a pretty speedy runner when I was 10. I reminds me that athletic Helen is in there somewhere, probably hiding underneath prone, hyperventilating, whining girl.

5) It was played at the 2012 Olympics Closing ceremony – therefore it’s practically an athletics anthem. It’s also been played in space (to astronauts on the shuttle Atlantis!) – that pretty much reminds you that anything is possible – even that last 100-metre sprint – or a 4.36 minute kilometre!

Go on, download it (or just click on the video above) and spend about 4 minutes being happy….

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  1. Cindy

    Gee I took Mr. Blue Sky off of my play list a while back. Why would I do that? It is a great inspiring song.


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