A Dumb(o) Mistake – plus, can you run on a breakfast biscuit?

I’m at that point now in training where I am a little bit fed up with it taking over my life – I haven’t had a curry in weeks as I remembered I can’t do a long run after it (and I love curry) plus my weekend days keep being eaten up with eating, staring at maps, running, eating and sleeping – how the heck I trained for marathons is beyond me, so yesterday I decided to shake things up a bit. I decided to do my short run (55 minutes) on Friday morning and my long run (2 hours 15) on Saturday – leaving me Saturday night free to do whatever I liked and Sunday morning to lie in bed.

The weather gods however had other plans, yesterday morning it started to thunder just at the point when I could head out. I don’t like running in the rain, but I would have gone, but run in lightning? No way, no how. The upshot was I ended up running my short run at 4.30pm last night – and then my long run at 7am this morning. Note to self and anyone else going into a pre-Dumbo panic- that’s not enough time for your legs to recover. And I therefore spent 50 percent of my run today in pain – and had to walk/run the last 20 minutes. Still it’s done and sometimes it’s good to have a hard run as, if it happens on race day you can tell yourself that you’ve already gone through it.


I also learned that yes you can run on breakfast biscuits. I normally run on cereal – but I have discovered that this house has some kind of cereal eating ghost (I believe it might look suspiciously like The Boyfriend) and so my supply keeps disappearing by about Thursday each week. This is okay if we go shopping, but this week we didn’t but thankfully Belvita had sent me their new Apricot and Live Yogurt flavour of Duo Crunch Breakfast Biscuits – like the old ones but with a yogurty filling – so I figured I’d give running on them a try – after all, they are wholegrain and they don’t have a huge amount of sugar in them (13g for two) so I thought I probably wouldn’t crash and burn.  NB: I have while writing this post looked up the nutrient details of my normal running fuel – Quaker Oat Granola – and it seems the Belvita have exactly the same nutritional profile in terms of calories, carbs and sugar.

It doesn't look like breakfast - but it works

It doesn’t look like breakfast – but it works

I admit it seems really decadent sitting in bed in the morning eating a biscuit with your tea – I don’t have biscuits in the house normally so it was like a treat. I had two (222 calories) and a protein shake and off I went. Energywise it seemed to fuel me just fine and it certainly didn’t weigh down my stomach. I did come back and have a second breakfast of hummus on toast but that was actually more greed than hunger, so I’d say yes, you can run on breakfast biscuits – and they’re probably considerably easier to take to the start line than cereal and milk is. The only problem is, if they’ll get there – they are really, really moreish and the chance of my not dipping into the supply come 3pm is virtually non-existent. If you have more willpower than me though, definitely give them a go.  They haven’t told me when the new flavour hits shelves yet – but there are already three Yogurt varieties out in supermarkets now.


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