Aging gracefully? I’m alright thanks

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If you’re going to use injectables like Botox or fillers it’s important to keep a sense of perspective about what your face normally looks like. It’s the motto I’ve always stuck to when having ‘work done’ and it hit home after I was recently interviewed by one of the big newspapers in the UK about my use of Botox. They wanted someone who’d been using it since the early noughties (that’s me) as it was the 10th birthday of the magic wrinkle buster.

Weirdly when the piece came out it read as if didn’t actually have the jabs which was a bit strange. I’m thinking that maybe my slightly hysterical repeating of the phrase ‘it’s a medical procedure, it must be done by a doctor’ meant I wasn’t the most exciting interviewee ever and so my part got cut!

A couple of days after my interview though I came across a quote in Allure magazine which pretty much summed up exactly what I wanted to say. It was from Vivian Diller, a psychologist and author and it read… ‘There’s so much that can be done (about anti-aging), but it has to be done calmly and without panic.’

To me that sums up my ant iaging approach. Botox and fillers are tools (like highlights) not to eradicate aging, but to reduce the bits about it I don’t think do me any favours. So, I have the line between my brows treated but not my forehead. I have my crows feet softened but my face still crinkles when I smile and I have the marionette lines (they’re the ones that run straight down from the side of my mouth) filled as they drag my face down, but I leave those that go up the side of my nose as therein lies the road to puffy pillow-facedom. I also let my botox and fillers wear off between jabs so I don’t lose perspective as to what I actually look like. Admittedly there is a point about 3 months in where I feel like a piece of slowly rotting fruit as the lines deepen every week or so but I stick with it.

Some people might say I should give it all up and grow old gracefully, but as even wearing sheer tights the other day made me feel far too grown up that’s unlikely to happen. Personally, I would like to grow old exactly like this woman I spotted in a park in China (scuse the man’s hat!). It was Sunday morning and there she was dolled up to the nines with her catseye glasses, sparkly frock and bouffant do ballroom dancing up a storm. Now that’s growing old fabulously and it sounds far more fun to me than rotting like a piece of old fruit. this thing on? Talk to me, it's lonely down here

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