Art Deco Eyebrow Stencils – The 2 Second Face Makeover

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There are benefits to having ash blonde hair and slightly olive skin (my natural colouring) – you can get away with leaving a couple of extra weeks on your roots if you need to, when you do go, it doesn’t take too long to go blonde again (I hate the hairdressers) and, if you’re feeling super slovenly (or waiting for a wax) your leg hair doesn’t show. The disadvantage – naturally, you don’t look like you have any eyebrows.

Look, a brow so perfect it's starring in a photo.

Look, a brow so perfect it’s starring in a photo.

Botox, fillers, fish oils that make my skin look glowy, all of these things pale into comparison to the instant lift my face gets when I have my brows dyed. Unfortunately, the whole ‘I’ve got an e-book to finish‘ panic means my last few weekends have not exactly been beauty orientated and as such right now I have no brows – and, it’s not pretty. I look older, tired and wan. When I’m wearing my glasses my features pretty much disappear.

Art Deco Eyebrow Stencils - they're fantastic

Art Deco Eyebrow Stencils – they’re fantastic

However, today while sorting through the big pile of things I’m supposed to be testing (but which have also been neglected due to the book) I came across the Art Deco Eyebrow Stencils. These are little bits of plastic with eyebrow shapes cut out – you choose the one that looks most like your brows from the thin, natural or thick options and simply place it over your brow then, sweep over it with eyebrow powder and their little brush.

I didn’t have any ‘eyebrow powder’ but I did have a brown shadow I normally use when I need a brow boost so I used that. I might have been a tiny bit heavy handed but WOW, these things are brilliant. As you’ll see below there was a bit of an overspill (so make sure you shake any loose powder off the brush) but in a matter of seconds I have what look like perfectly groomed brows.


And if you make a mistake, they just rub off. This is always my concern with brow tinting and shaping – I spend the first 24 hours trying to work out if one  side is higher or a different shape than the other one. When I queried one tinter about this she told me ‘eyebrows are sisters, not twins’ – my response was that was great, but I would be happier if it looked like mine had the same father – I haven’t been back to her.

These however solve the problem, they’re quick and, if you make a mistake a quick sweep of eye make up remover will sort the problem out. While I won’t be giving up the tinting, I do absolutely love them. They cost just £7.80 (for 3 stencils and the brush) and you’ll find them at Officially, they are also supposed to be stocked at – but if they are they are very well hidden!

Main image: this thing on? Talk to me, it's lonely down here

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