Avengers: Assembled. Medal: Collected


Well despite my concerns, the Disneyland Avengers Half Marathon is done and dusted. Quite an appropriate phrase considering mile 7-8 was literally run through a headwind full of grit and sand. I could actually feel it crunching between my teeth. My time was an okay 2.51. I reckon my true time was 2.40 but there was queuing for pics with Mickey and Minnie to be done. Considering my lack of training and the head wind, I’m okay with that

I’ll do a proper post when I get home as I can’t bear typing anything long via the app (seriously, how do any of you use it? What secrets do I need to learn to make it do ANYTHING I want it to?). But here’s a pic of me with the medal. Note the fetching wind inspired hairdo. I had to go into 7-11 in my tiara as my hair was so wrapped round it I couldn’t take it off without a mirror!

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  1. lynnestaubyn

    Great medal. Hairdo is good too – you should have left the tiara in all day 🙂


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