Bean Pasta…’s low(ish) carb brilliance

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Put down your spiraliser….I have freed you from days of cleaning the blooming thing. There is an alternative if you want to cut your carbs, but put your pasta sauce on something – and it my friends, is the range of bean based pasta by Explore Asian.


I spotted it while pootling around Planet Organic and picked a pack up – specifically the Organic Black Bean Spaghetti shaped version. I didn’t quite know what to expect but decided to give it a try when The Boyfriend was making his yummy bacon, tomato and chilli concoction. Unlike many other pasta things this doesn’t work well on courgetti, flat mushrooms or peas (I’ve tried them all), it’s just a bit too liquidy – and so I thought I’d try it with the bean pasta. It was brilliant.

It cooks to almost the same consistency as al dente normal spaghetti and, while it doesn’t taste anything like white pasta, it is faintly reminiscent of brown pasta in kind of an earthy way. Despite the fact that it looks kind of odd, I was very pleasantly surprised. I served myself about a quarter to a fifth of the pack, which, according to the label is around  40-50g dry weight – this would weigh in at about 150 calories, 6-7g of carbs and about 20g of protein. Not bad. The added protein also makes it super satisfying. Oh, and it’s gluten free too.  I likeee.

As I said, I bought mine from Planet Organic, but you can also find it at Holland & Barrett stores and online. It costs £3.29 a packet. I’d guess a pack would give you 4-5 servings.


  1. Karen Evennett

    Sounds much nicer than the disgusting konjac root skinny pastas which make me think I’m eating worms or centipedes (not that I’ve tried either of those, but I imagine they’d have that ghastly crunch too) – plus it’s made with real food. I will look out for it! I miss my pasta days!

    1. healthehelen

      I dont mind Konjac noodles, but some are better than others; I have seen another super new intriguing noodle though but they didnt have any samples – watch this space!

  2. Crystalcups | Yoga Clothes

    This is going to be great. Pasta lovers can satisfy their cravings for noodles, without worrying about too much carbs and gluten. So many people now having low tolerance for gluten, they have to sacrifice their favorite meals. This will be a perfect solution for a good pasta night that is satisfying, filling, and not fattening. Thanks for sharing!

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