Listening to your heartrate boosts self esteem

I’ve been at a wedding this weekend and so my brain has pretty much left the building. I therefore wasn’t going to post today, but I’d just settled on the sofa with this month’s Zest magazine when I saw something so lovely (on page 39 if you’re interested) I had to share it. Up the stairs I ran to the office…. and here I am.

It was this….

Listening to your heartbeat helps you appreciate how amazing you are.


Apparently, according to the scientists at the University of London, tuning in to the thumpy-de-thump, swoosh sounds and thinking about how hard your heart is working, where the blood is going and what it’s doing – how it’s keeping you alive – makes you appreciate how amazing your body is and what it can do, rather than getting hung up on what you look like and any extra lumps and bumps you might be carrying right now.

I spend a lot of yesterday in that negative place.

It was a black tie wedding and I’d bought a long, columny fitted dress. I don’t know why. I don’t really do fitted. I put it on and just didn’t feel like me. I homed in on my stomach (which had looked perfectly fine in the skater skirt I’d been wearing 10 minutes earlier). I decided it was too fat for the frock.

I sulked, pouted, told The Boyfriend I didn’t want to go – then thought ‘oh for heaven’s sake.’ And got on the bus to the High Street and bought a second dress, with a flouncy prom skirt and petticoats, that I absolutely loved and didn’t want to take off. No, it wasn’t officially ‘black tie’ as it wasn’t full length, but I figured no-one would really care (they didn’t and there were shorter frocks there than mine). It made me happy and I had a great night which I wouldn’t have done in the other dress at all.

The message of this part of the tale? Always keep your receipts!

So, your mission for this evening (don’t worry, it’s sofa friendly), is to spend a few minutes listening to your heart and just thinking of all the things your body has helped you achieve – today or in the past – and what you hope it’ll do for you in the future. You could even make a few plans to ensure that happens. Me? I’m going back downstairs to finish the magazine and discover other stuff that makes me feel awesome.

Image: this thing on? Talk to me, it's lonely down here

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