Bites – High Protein Crisps – erm…….

Okay, enough with the protein pimping. I know most women lack it in their diets, but in the last few weeks I have eaten protein enhanced bread, ice cream, cookies- and now, they’ve made crisps.


Called Bites, they contain 142 calories a packet and 20gm of protein – the amount in a chicken breast. Only 9g of carbs and 3g of fat also add to their health credentials, Sadly, though I personally would rather consume a chicken breast. To my tastebuds they taste like dust; really dry, nasty, bitter dust. (Anyone else getting an image of Marjorie Dawes here?) Each to their own though, The Boyfriend quite liked them. You’ll find them online now at sites like, although they don’t launch officially in stores until September 26th where they’ll be sold at GNC followed by Holland & Barratt. If you want to see how your own tastebuds fare, they cost £1.75 a packet.


  1. Runningwithnolimits by Dominick Branigan

    High Protein Crisps just doesn’t work for me… I am thinking if you really wanted to eat a snack would you really want to buy these!! I don’t think I would.

  2. John

    They look ok, but £1.75 a pack is a bit pricey

  3. Tom

    I agree, tried this and reviewed it and gave them 1 out of 5. Just couldn’t eat them and they really lacked in flavour.

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