Brussels Sprout Juice: Xmas in a Glass

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Come back, come back – I know I have just mentioned something that sounds like THE nastiest substance ever invented by mankind, but honestly, it’s actually really good.

I had read about this in one of the papers and so, the next time I was London I tootled off to the basement of Fortnum and Masons. In said basement is the juice bar Juice Club, and it is there you will find said sprouty concoction. ‘I want the sprout juice,’ I said to the nice juicing man. ‘Really?’ said nice juicing man with a look of shock.

What happens if you juice sprouts?

What happens if you juice sprouts?

Next thing I know NJM has whipped a handful of sprouts out of a basket and chucked them in the juicer.

Out of the pipe is coming a lovely bright green juice – and a heinous smell. Seriously, if all the sewers in all the world blocked up, that’s what neat Brussels Sprout juice smells like.

At this point, I start to get nervous. I’m thinking spitting out sprout juice onto the floor of one of the poshest shops in London is not going to make me any friends so I pipe up. ‘Erm, can’t you cut it with something?’

Thankfully the answer to this was yes – in went a bit of a lemon and an apple.

The smell vanished and I took a sip.

It was really, really good – sweet but a bit earthy. And absolutely nothing like sprouts!

At the moment the sprout juice is only available in Fortnum’s but if you have a juicer and want to try it yourself, I snagged the recipe for our impromptu blend, now named the Health-E. Here’s how to make it….

Juice 9 sprouts, 1 apple and a slice of lemon skin and all – drink!

glass of Brussels sprout juice next to a Fortnum and Mason hamper

Main image:

Juice image: Fortnum and Masons


  1. David Bonnell

    We like sprouts in our house, this would be worth a go. Hadn’t thought to do this, but it sounds better than kale.

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