Yummy Cavolo Nero Chips Recipe.

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This weekend I have been cooking. Specifically, I’ve been cooking Cavolo Nero Chips. This may surprise any of my NZ friends as when I lived there I was well known as someone who didn’t even own a tea towel, but you’ll be amazed at how many hobbies I can develop the weekend I’m supposed to sort out my end of year accounts (watch for tomorrow’s post on origami swans). However, my trip to the kitchen was not purely sparked by procrastination, there was also a chance encounter in Sainsbury’s with a bag of Cavolo Nero aka black cabbage.

Now I was first told about this stuff by Jennifer’s Aniston’s personal chefs Jewels and Jill (get me!) when I interviewed them a while back and they gave me a recipe for ‘crisps’ made out of it. I’d been meaning to try them for ages, but hadn’t seen the Cavolo Nero…admittedly, I’ve now discovered recipes for crisps – or chips – made from normal kale all over the web which I could have done weeks ago… but anyway; it goes like this….

Cavolo Nero Chips

1 bunch of Cavolo Nero (about 1lb/450g)

Olive oil

Sea salt

1)      Preheat oven to 325F/180C

2)      Wash the Cavolo well and dry the leaves

3)      Remove the leaves from the stems and cut them into bite sized pieces

4)      Spread them on a large baking sheet – or two.

5)      Drizzle or spray a little olive oil over the top, rubbing it gently so the leaves are covered. Sprinkle with a little sea salt

6)      Bake in the oven for 10-12 minutes. They are done when the chips darken to a deep green. Cool for at least 2 minutes before eating.

So, I did – and the pic of the results is here (NB: I am not a food stylist!). So, what do Cavolo Nero chips taste like I hear you cry? Actually not bad – they do crumble a bit when you try and dip them in hummus – I’m thinking sweet chilli would be a better choice. They’re not going to put Dorito’s out of business, but with an average calorie count per my calculations of about 30 per 10 crisps (if you use a spray oil) they’re certainly figure friendly. Plus Cavolo is a source of iron, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin K and folic acid. Which might account for why Jennifer Aniston looks quite so amazing; although if these were on the JA’s list of fave J&J foods I’m pretty sure she also travels with floss and a mirror. They REALLY leave green bits on your teeth. Do not eat before a first date or job interview.

Cavolo Nero pic: h-bomb / photo on flick


Yes, yes, I know the tagline for this blog is ‘Barely Any Kale’ – and Cavolo Nero is a very close relative to kale, but hey, I said ‘Barely Any’ not none. I like kale, it’s good for you. It has it’s place in a healthy diet but there was a time in wellness world when it was everywhere – and that was about when I relaunched this blog! However, to prove I’m not biased toward kale lovers here’s a few essential kaley purchases. First up, a kale stripper which makes it easy to get the leaves off the thick stem; secondly Inspiral Kale Chips – being too lazy to go through most of the above process regularly, I’m a big fan of these.And finally, Fifty Shades of Kale – the kale cookery book with the best title ever. If you want to find out more, or buy them, click on the pics and you’ll go straight to their amazon page.
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