Lowest Calorie Sandwiches on the High Street

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Hitting the sales? Chances are you’re going to grab some lunch while you’re out there and whether you’ve already started your New Year diet properly, or are just trying to make a dent in the excess of Christmas goodies you consumed then it’s possible you might want to be calorie counting while you’re out there – so here’s where to find your lowest calorie sandwiches of choice.


Well the good news is that at least the High Street lunch chains are one up on most restaurants – almost all of them do display calories where you can see them which makes it a lot easier to spot the lowest calorie dishes on their menu – but did you realise how much the same type of dish can vary between chains? It’s quite astounding. Say, for example, you fancy a tuna sandwich – depending where you go could make the difference between consuming, a 534 calorie lunch (Pret’s Pole & Line Caught Tuna & Rocket Bloomer) – or a 258 calorie one (Caffe Nero’s Tuna Mayonnaise and Cucumber sandwich).

Making this comparison isn’t so easy while standing in the store which is why I’ve combed the nutritional information for you and come up with (according to my maths anyway) the lowest calorie version of some favourite sandwiches on the High Street. Enjoy your lunch now…

It's the lowest cal of the BLTs

It’s the lowest cal of the BLTs

If you want a: Bacon Sandwich

Choose: Costa Coffee BLT, 397 calories

If you want a : Tuna Sandwich

Choose: Caffe Nero Tuna Mayonnaise and Cucumber Sandwich, 258 calories

If you want a: Seafood Sandwich

Choose: Eat Crayfish, Lemon and Rocket, 348

If you want a: Chicken and Salad Sandwich

Choose:  Caffe Nero Chicken Salad Sandwich, 272 calories

If you want an:  Egg Sandwich

Choose: Cafe Nero Free Range Egg Mayonnaise, 323 calories

If you want a: Cheese Sandwich

Choose: Eat Simple Cheese Salad, 404 calories

Still hungry? If your favourite option isn’t on the list – here’s where you’ll find all the calories for each chain I checked out….

Pret a Manger – http://www.pret.co.uk/menu/ – click on the individual item to get the calories.

Caffe Nero – http://www.caffenero.com/nutrition/sandwiches.aspx – again, you need to click to find the one you want

Costa Coffee – http://www.costanutrition.co.uk/

Eat – http://www.eat.co.uk/pages/Sandwiches_1.php

Starbucks – http://globalassets.starbucks.com/assets/0a9e4f86d2b840a59207fff3142da5c5.pdf


Main image: freedigitalphotos.net


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