Can I tempt you with some SnackFish?

I spent yesterday eating my way around the Natural and Organic Products Europe Show at London’s Olympia. I wasn’t sure if I was going to go, but then I was scanning the list of exhibitors and I saw the words Snackfish – and then this…..

SNACKFISH® are prime dried Haddock fillets, skinless and boneless and cut into light bite-size pieces, which are ready-to-eat from the pack (stand 9054).  Great for boosting energy, they are a healthy, tasty, and fresh in appearance, delicacy snack, which is great to fill the gap when hunger kicks in.  Produced in Iceland and containing only fish and salt (and nothing else), it is high in natural protein (83.8g), high in Omega-3 and low in fat.

You’ve never seen anyone fire off an email begging for a Press Badge so fast.

I wandered in all nonchalant – and then I saw them. Row after row of tiny shot glasses each containing a tiny piece of fish. Knocking owners of health food shops around the country out of my way as I flew towards it, I grabbed my first piece of dehydrated haddock.


Frankly, the first mouthful of Snackfish is like eating fish tasting sawdust- but as you chew and it softens it tastes more like normal fish. I wouldn’t say it was moreish, but it’s certainly not unpleasant. It’s got a very strong fishy taste (I would advise the strategic use of mouthwash afterwards) – but to consume the recommended serving size of 25g you’d really have to be a fish fan! I ate about three pieces and felt quite content!

Intrigued I chatted to Marina who was manning the stall. Apparently, dehydrated fish is a big thing in Iceland and commonly consumed as a snack, or added to foods like soup or stew to bump the protein up a bit. They’re seeing the product as an alternative to things like beef jerky for people trying to cut down their carbs or add more protein to their diet. And with 85 calories, and 20g of protein in the recommended serving size Snackfish is certainly diet friendly.


Will it catch on? I’m really not sure. I was first introduced to fish snacks in Japan where I developed a taste for the above strange blend of crispy silver fish and almonds that I found in the 7-11, but I admit, I did have to be in a certain frame of mind to consume them. And this is the same. I can’t see myself craving Snackfish come 3pm every day, although I could happily add it to, say, a vegetable soup to increase its fill-up potential.

However,  if you are a fish fan trying to increase your protein intake, and want something different from boiled eggs or beef jerky as a savoury snack option, then it’s definitely worth a try. If nothing else, it’d make a change from Twiglets at parties.

At the moment you can only buy Snackfish online at priced £3.89 a bag. That bag is the equivalent of eating 1kg of fresh fish though.

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  1. Arian

    Really, her name was ‘Marina’?

    1. healthehelen

      Haha, I didn’t even register. But yep, according to her badge.

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