Celery Seed Tea – Beyonce’s secret weapon. Really?

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A few weeks ago a read a report in one of the diet mags. It was claiming that  Beyonce owed her body of magnificence – at least in part – to drinking diuretic celery seed tea.

Oooh, that sounds like a nice, easy, fun thing to investigate said the little blog writing voice in my head (all bloggers have one of those right?). So, off I went….


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Fast Forward Six Weeks…

Much walking, swearing and about six weeks later, I finally get to write this post.

Obviously, celery seeds are bigger in Bey-Bey land than where I live. I couldn’t find them in the supermarket or in any health stops anywhere near where I lived and had to relent to ordering them online (hoping I was actually going to get celery seed and not cyanide or something).

The packet arrives. It looks like dust. At this point, I realise I can’t just put it in hot water. I’m going to need a tea strainer. This is also something that doesn’t seem to exist in obvious places – much frequenting of pound shops and supermarkets occurred to no avail.

In the end, I had to wait for the grand reopening of the ‘little old lady supply store’  at the local shops to find one. And then it didn’t work!

Turns out, unless you want to be spitting out seeds as you drink, you need a Bodum rather than a tea strainer to make celery seed tea! Thankfully we had a nice small one of those in the cupboard (a 12oz one like this would be best as you don’t want to be making gallons of the stuff).

What’s Celery Seed Tea Like to Drink

So, roughly six weeks after I decided to test this thing, I had my first cup in front of me.

It absolutely stinks.

It’s like the faint odour you exude the morning after a VERY strong curry. This is not a smell I like. The idea of drinking something emitting it is disgusting – thankfully, once it’s out of the Bodum the smell dissipates and it doesn’t taste as bad as it smells.

It’s like most of the other detox tea blends I’ve tried bitter but kind of minty – and much better drunk once it’s cooled a fair bit so you can knock it back as fast as possible.

I manage to gulp down a cup and I wait. And wait. And wait. I wasn’t asking for miracles like immediate stomach flattening, I was, however, expecting at least an extra couple of trips to the loo. Nothing happens.

Hmmmm, Beyonce might drink it but I’m pretty sure that it’s not the secret behind her figure. Probably not worth wasting your time or money on this one.

Oh, and B, if it’s true and you do rely on this stuff, here’s a quick bit of advice for when you play V Festival. Bring supplies – seriously, you won’t find any around here.

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