Change A Word – Change Your Body

Short post today because I have to go and test a LOT of exercise but I found this tweet this morning (while clearing out all the ones I favourited yonks ago) and thought it was very clever. It came from personal trainer Richard Callender (@richcallender) and it is as follows…..

Replace the word ‘Fast’ in fast food with the word ‘fat’ and it might start helping you make better choices. 

Admittedly, the odd burger and fries won’t do anyone any harm, but if you’ve developed more of a takeout habit than is good for you, perhaps if you start referring to it as ‘fat food’ it might not seem quite so appealing! I’ve now been sitting here pondering other name changes…

French Thighs; Hips-burger; Big-riito, Cornish Fatstry – and if you think about in a different way, The Whopper and the Big Mac don’t really need any alteration! Got any more for me?



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  1. ourbeautifulsouls

    Haha this is a great idea! Please check out my blog, it’s mainly about health and follow!

    Reply this thing on? Talk to me, it's lonely down here

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