Chia Pods: The Next Generation

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When I first wrote about Chia Pods last year I mooted the point that the wobbly, frogspawny-like-snacks might actually be alien beings attempting to take over the healthy folk of the world. Strangely, none of you seemed worried about this idea and instead you were more concerned with not liking the taste! Priorities, people, priorities! Have you not seen Invasion of the Body Snatchers?

Yay - we're stocked in Wholefoods, World Domination is ours.

Yay – we’re stocked in Wholefoods, World Domination is ours.

Anyway, obviously our Chia Seed Overlords, didn’t create enough Pod people with their first incarnation as now, they’re expanding the range and branching out into breakfasts. And pretty good they are too. If you didn’t like that frog-spawny wobble, or (like I did) felt like the original puddings needed a little of sweetening, both your problems are solved with the arrival of their Chia and Oat based combos. There’s three of them, so let’s take each in turn in a nice orderly fashion….(orderly, on this blog, I think they might have got me already)


Ready to Eat Oats+Chia, £4.99 for 5 (in four flavours): These come in sachets to which you just add water to make a porridge. There’s lots of fruit and the chia seeds give it a bit of a crunchy twist. They’re also super convenient – but if I’m honest, they’re my least favourite of the three. They’re just a bit meh – although definitely not unpleasant. If I hadn’t had the other two products I’d probably have thought they were great. But I have so let’s move to….


Chia Pod Oats, £2.59 (in four flavours): The first pack of these I tried I didn’t read the instructions and ate it cold. And loved it! Then I realised you’re supposed to warm them up in the microwave, which I did. That I didn’t like as much as it became a bit more liquid in texture, dare I say it, even a bit slimy (probably as it’s main ingredient is Chia Seed gel) – but it is a really filling breakfast for 290 calories. I waited to see how long it was before I needed food and lasted from 9am to 1.30 – and even then I wasn’t starving. Normally I’m making my lunch at dead on 12.00. My fave flave is Apple Spice.


Bircher Muesli, £3.49. Yes, I saved the best for last. This is fantastic – particularly the Orange and Brazil nut flavour. Creamy, rich, oaty – but with that gooey chia sensation that I actually quite like giving it a bit of an extra something. If I had to criticise, as with the original puddings, a tiny dab more sugar wouldn’t go amiss (although it does have some coconut sugar in it already) but as I live in a world of people giving up sugar right now, I’m probably alone with that particular comment. It is the highest calorie offering at 340 calories a tub, but I was really impressed. If this is what becoming a Pod Person feels like then sign me up. If you need me I’ll be forming a cocoon in the garden somewhere. Should you wish to join me, the range hits Wholefoods this month – and expect other stockists to follow.

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